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Corey Arceneaux, a native of Lafayette, is one of the few Zydeco musicians who has mastered both the diatonic and the piano accordion. He has played the accordion since he was 10. His musical interest was influenced by his uncle, Fernest Arceneaux, accordionist and leader of Fernest and the Thunders, a group Corey performed with for about a year.

However, the major influences on Corey Arceneaux's musical development seem to have been Nathan Williams and Buckwheat Zydeco and, of course, Clifton Chenier. Soon after learning the accordion, he was brought on stage by Buckwheat, and he also sat in with the Zydeco Cha Chas when they were rehearsing at El Sid O's in Lafayette.

According to Pat Nyhan, Brian Rollins, and David Babb in Let the Let the Good Times Roll! Arceneaux formed his band, the Hot Peppers, in 1992. In 1994, he was chosen "Best Up and Coming Performer" in the Zydeco's People's Choice Awards. The group released their first recording, Hot Pepper in 1993.

-David Simpson



"Yet in 2008, Corey Arceneaux released 20/20, 20 Years 20 Tracks, A CD that confirms he's not in the current class of zydeco newcomers and wanna-be's. His two decades behind the accordion started at age 10.

He is a member of one of zydeco's first families, led by his late uncle Fernest, who performed and recorded worldwide as the New Prince of the Accordion for more than 50 years.

-Herman Fuselier -St., Landry Parish Tourism (from the 20/20 CD liner notes)



Corey thank you for preserving the style of zydeco music of your late great uncle “Fernest Arceneaux”.  you have a strong belief in the Creole & Zydeco style of music with a strong adherence to the past and keeping alive old family traditions. Good Luck in your future.
--John Broussard
Co-host of “KRVS Zydeco Est Pas Sale” program


Corey Arceneaux playing a big black piano accordion
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