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Corey, Early Life and His Love for Music

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Corey Arceneaux was born to a large Creole Family based in Carencro, Louisiana. His parents are Paul Arceneaux and Debra (Melancon) Arceneaux. He started playing the accordion around age 10, under the tutelage of accordionist Clayton Sampy. His great-uncles musicians Rodney Bernard and Fernest Arceneaux were his initial inspiration into Zydeco, Creole music and Creole history. His paternal great-grandfather Ferdinand Arceneaux was a Creole accordionist which makes Corey a forth-generation accordionist. He also served as an altar boy at the funeral of Clifton Chenier (the famed crowned King of Zydeco).

He formed his band Corey and the Zydeco Hot Peppers in 1992, while still in high school. He has performed for many dignitaries including a performance for Vice President Al Gore. The group has recorded five albums and performed domestically and internationally.  His biggest musical influences are Clifton Chenier and Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural, Jr. 

Arceneaux has a vast knowledge about his Creole heritage and Music. He was gifted with ability to treat for fire at a young age (“Traiteur” in French), which is a creole healing tradition passed down from generation to generation.












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