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Meet Corey Arceneaux, the musician behind the beats. From pen to microphone, Corey’s songwriting journey has been an adventure of creativity, skill, and passion. With over eighty personally recorded songs, and hundreds of others to his name, Corey is a master of storytelling through music. Find out more about his journey and his music on BMI's SongView. From heart-wrenching ballads to upbeat dance tracks, his music inspires, uplifts, and connects us all. 

Corey Arceneaux is recognized as a new wave of Zydeco musician, blending R&B, Blues and Country with traditional Zydeco styles. His discography includes but not limited to albums like “I’ve Been Country!” released in 2023 with 15 songs, "Nu Band Nu Sound" in 2009 with 18 songs, and “20/20” from 2008 featuring 20 songs. You can explore more of Corey Arceneaux’s music on platforms like Spotify where you’ll find his vibrant and energetic tracks that embody the spirit of Louisiana blues and zydeco. Enjoy the rhythm and soul of his creations!

Corey Arceneaux playing a big black piano accordion
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